This exciting free test at a distance tells it all !!!

Before you decide to use this extraordinary new water optimizing technology on a daily basis,
we certainly are going to show you thatů

                        chi transfer diagram

Life Force Bridges Any Distance!

This exciting test can be the most amazing
experience you have ever had!!!

All you need to do is
Print out the diagrams above,
have a glass of water ready,
then call us at
770 783 0563

... and you can have living water that is charged with life energy right then! In fact, we well keep you connected for a full 24 hours.  This means no more and no less than that during this time you can charge as much water as you like.  It takes about 1 - 2 minutes for a glass, about 15 - 20 minutes for a gallon of water.  If you have a business, attach the transfer diagram to your drinking water dispenser.

Your 24-Hour Chi Transfer Test
Astrological Symbols

(1) Print the two diagrams above.
(2) Cut out transfer diagrams.
(3) Take the transfer diagrams and call us for your 24-hour test.  To make your diagrams unique, we will tell you letters and the sectors where to inscribe them on both diagrams.

We will inscribe the same letters on one of our blank diagramsn, and

chi transfer from our lab

(4) We will put our diagram onto one of our Chi Generators®.

By now, your diagram is connected to this Chi Generator® and it will be connected for a full 24 hours.

Now you can proceed on your own.

chi transfer test 1

(5) At first, test one of your diagrams for energy output: Hold the center of your palm 2 - 4 inches above the printed diagram. Make sure the hand is relaxed. Almost immediately you will feel something: either a gentle warmth, a slight cool breeze, or a tingling. Some people feel combinations of tingling and warmth or cool breeze and tingling.

chi transfer test with wrist

(6) As an alternative, hold your wrist above the transfer diagram.

Astrological Symbols

(7) Now it is time for you to make optimized water that is super-charged with Chi Energy. Take a glass of good water, take a sip "before," put it onto the transfer diagram for about 30 seconds, then enjoy the great taste of living water and the energy boost that you can get from it.

Within the 24 hours of free transfer, you can charge a lot of water.  Allow 15 - 20 minutes for a gallon of water.

Of course you can also charge food and supplements.

To energize yourself, carry the transfer diagram with you wherever you go.  This way you can also vitalize water wherever you are during the next 24 hours.

© 1996-2004 Karl Hans Welz